As you can see from our top post. We are not active, as so many of the twi-blogs are not. If you're looking for a twi-fic rec, try the Fictionators, The LUV'NV, The Lemonade Stand, The Perv Pack's Smut Shack, or The Twigasm. The majority of the Twi-blogs have shut down, while the rest have adapted to include book reviews or things like that.

As for Tazz and Akyria, they have both left fandom permanently. They have moved onto different things, they followed their hearts and it led them elsewhere. We hope that you too follow your dreams and that they take you on an unexpected journey.

For those writing original fiction, looking at different publishing houses can be tricky, check the forums at Absolute Write and do your homework well.

Story Links

Welcome to the home of all of recs. You will find them listed by pairing. With the direct link to the rec here on the TwiMuses blog. You won't find any pulled stories here. However if you do email me. I update this page every month, it is current as of 1/30

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